The future of Africa

The future of Africa

Fritz-Gerald Joseph serves with the Evangelical Church of Morocco.

Welcome to “The Mother Land” – Africa, this beautiful and rich continent where the word “diversity” is made alive. For the past three years, my wife Emmanuela and I had the opportunity to serve the Evangelical Church in Morocco – EEAM (French); a community of faith that is diverse on so many levels. From different ages and stages of life to different backgrounds, different walks of life and to different tribes and cultures, the EEAM is a representation of Africa. With a membership predominantly composed of young and young adults, the church is dynamic.

These beautiful young people are full of energy. They are alive. They have great potentials, big dreams, and aspirations. They are thirsty and eager to learn, to grow and to serve their Mother Land.  They all want a better Africa, a place where they can become everything they imagine or dream of. “They just want to live” as many have said to us! By that, they mean that they want to be able to have options and opportunities like other young adults they see in Europe or in the United States of America.

As we sat and listened to them, as we talked to them, as we walked side by side with them, suffered and rejoiced with them, as we cried and laughed with them, as we chanted and danced with them, we became part of them, and they became part of us and together we hope for more: we dream of this future that is brighter than the clouded past we have known.

Many of them had thought that this future is far away, and it would be created by their parents or older person who are currently in power or who hold positions in their actual governments. As the days passed, they have realized that the so desired future is not really in the hands of those who are in power even though they have great influence, but the future of Africa is upon their shoulders, and we share this weight with them. These young people are the future of Africa and they are right here and right now. If we want to see a better Africa, a place where every child and young person can become whatever they dream or imagine, we must create it now with them. And we do so by empowering them today.

There are so many things that need to be done. We cannot do everything at once, but we must do something and do what we can. I strongly believe that each one of us has a role to play in the transformation of this world into a better place for us and for generations to come. I also believe that Africa is the future of the world. We need to pay more attention to this continent. For these past three years, we have discovered and learned many things that I would not have time to describe in this brief newsletter. But one thing that had caught my attention since we have arrived here is the awakening of a new generation of leaders. These young Africans are willing to stand and fight for justice, peace, the healing of their people and the prosperity of their land.

We need intercessors to pray for them, we need innovators to innovate, we need leaders to lead the way, we need donators to finance projects, we need everyone who can do something to do so. We are doing our part. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, thank you for helping us to take part in the process of building this great legacy. Please when you pray, remember to pray for these young Africans. They are many, they are strong and they the future of Africa.

Fritz-Gerald Joseph serves with the Evangelical Church of Morocco. His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.

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