The Pacific Basin Initiative

The Pacific Basin Initiative

Planted by Abundant Waters

Then he took a seed from the land, placed it in fertile soil; a plant by abundant waters, he set it like a willow twig.

Ezekiel 17:5

The abundant waters of the Pacific Basin sustain fertile grounds for peace, justice, faith, community, and hope to take root. Partners in East Asia and the Pacific are on the forefront of advocating for creation justice, promoting peace and community resilience, and supporting migrant and minority communities. Join Global Ministries as we explore ways in which the fertile soil and abundant waters of the Pacific Basin offer opportunities for God’s blessings to grow throughout the region.


Creation Justice

Communities throughout the Pacific Basin are disproportionately affected by climate change, from small island nations whose land is disappearing due to sea level rise to the increasing intensity of storms and natural disasters, which disproportionately affects communities with fewer resources.

Peace and Resilient Communities

Our partners in the region have been advocating for peace for decades. Partners in Japan and the Marshall Island continue to remind the world of the horrors of nuclear weapons use and the long-lasting effects of nuclear weapons testing, while partners in Korea and the Philippines advocate at home and abroad for de-militarization while demonstrating the resilience of the communities who are most affected by conflict in their contexts.

Migrant and Minority Rights

People are migrating within and to the Pacific Basin to find work or because of the changing climate. These migrants and other minority communities, such as indigenous groups, face many violations of their rights from governments and dominant groups where they live. Partners in Hong Kong and Korea, as host communities, advocate for the rights of migrant workers. Partners in the Philippines advocate for the rights of the indigenous groups driven from their land by the government and resource-extracting companies. Partners in the Pacific Islands are starting to talk about what it might mean to be from an island that has disappeared and how they might keep their culture and traditions alive in another land.

We will engage in these themes through:

  • Advocacy
  • People to People Pilgrimages
  • Bible Study
  • Worship Material
  • Special Giving Opportunities
  • Videos

Key countries in the Pacific Basin Initiative: