The Security Situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

The Security Situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo


1. The Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), a partner of Global Ministries, is following with great interest the situation prevailing in eastern Congo with renewed fighting between the Congolese army and the M23 rebels on several fronts in North Kivu province.


2. The ECC notes that more than 10,000 displaced people have arrived near Goma, fleeing clashes in Kibumba since Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Thus, the ECC fears that the humanitarian situation of these refugees will deteriorate further;

3. The ECC finally notes that the Congolese authorities are no longer in doubt about the identity of the real enemy of our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo


4. The ECC strongly condemns the hypocritical behaviour of some neighbouring countries that continue to fuel the war in the east of the country.

5. The ECC gives its unwavering support to the FARDC in the hard fighting for the safeguarding of our Homeland;

6. The ECC congratulates all the Congolese people for the awakening of collective consciousness in the face of our common enemy;

7. The ECC recommends that the Congolese Government resolutely pursue all ongoing initiatives vis-à-vis Rwanda, clearly identified in its responsibility for serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity. In the present case, a severance of diplomatic relations should be considered;

8. The ECC recalls the need to open public trials against Rwandan soldiers who were arrested at the front in the ranks of terrorists and presented to the press. This, with a view to establishing the criminal responsibilities of the countries responsible for intellectual and material crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in the DRC;

9. The ECC encourages the citizens’ initiatives announced from next Monday and calls on all the sons and daughters of the country to join them in putting a definitive end to this vast conspiracy that has been mourning our nation for more than 20 years;

10. The ECC decrees a fundraiser with an amount of $1 or more by all men and women of good will to support compatriots who are suffering and who are forced to move as a result of this unjust war against our country:

11. The ECC reminds everyone of these passages of Scripture that encourage us to do good works: “Share your bread with the hungry, and bring into your house the unfortunate without asylum; If you see a naked man, cover him up, and do not turn away from your fellow man” (Isaiah 58:7).  Also, “The beneficent soul will be satiated, and he who waters will himself be watered” (Pr 11:25);

12. The ECC reminds the institutions of the Republic of the need to activate the mechanisms of Transitional Justice in the DRC in order to maximize the possibilities of putting a definitive end to the repetition of impunity and the plot hatched against our country;

13. The ECC calls on all its pastors on a national scale to declare a prayer on behalf of our army and our wounded populations.

May the eternal Good Shepherd keep the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Done at Kinshasa, 27/05/2022

Rev. Dr. André Gédéon Bokundoa-Bo-Likabe
National President