The Contribution of Theological Education to the Mission of God in the World

The Contribution of Theological Education to the Mission of God in the World

Spring at the Theological Community of Mexico.

In February 2018, the different theological education seminars that make up the Theological Community of Mexico (CTdeM) started a new semester. Students, pastors and leaders of different Christian traditions came together for diverse experiences of learning. In every group and course, the passion for a quality theological education is shared and thus grows the proclamation and incarnation of the gospel in the realities lived by the churches and communities in Mexico.

The Theological Community of Mexico, through its academic offerings and in an ecumenical spirit, continues to train theologians, biblical scholars and pastors committed to the mission of God in the world. This work is proclaimed in the faith and hope of a new world where justice and peace shine. Theological education offers us the opportunity to work for the transformation of the church that seeks to transform the world, and to participate together in God’s liberating mission.

In this first semester of 2018, we continue collaborating with the theological training project. From the disciplines of hermeneutics and biblical exegesis, we are teaching five courses in different programs and levels of studies:

  1. The synoptic gospels (Diploma in Bible)
  2. Apocalyptic Literature (Degree in Theology)
  3. Exegesis of the New Testament II (Degree in Theology)
  4. Mission and Evangelization (Degree in Theology)
  5. Exegetical and theological reading of the synoptic gospels (Master of Theology)

Once again, it was enriching and motivating to share with brothers and sisters from different churches and socio-cultural contexts. Theological education in Mexico is lived from multi-religious and pluricultural realities that challenge us and enrich us at the same time. Dialogue and openness to diversity are indispensable methodological tools for a dynamic, ecumenical and creative theological reflection. From our experience in the Theological Community of Mexico, we reaffirm that not only is the “how” important, but also, our context as we discern the presence and action of the God who gives life and invites us to participate in his mission today.
It is always a source of joy and satisfaction to hear the thoughts of the students who participate in the different courses. In general, there is a need and a commitment to read and study the Bible with greater responsibility and academic rigor. Now when we read the Bible is increasingly important to consider its historical and socio-cultural context. Different hermeneutical methods accompany the community’s re-readings of the Bible, which seek to encourage the witness of the churches as an essential part of the proclamation of God’s love and justice in the world.

These new church leaders are committed to implementing the methods of reading and interpreting the Bible to improve their teaching and preaching. Likewise, they commit themselves to use in their congregations community reading of the Bible, with the purpose of understanding the message of the gospel amid realities of injustice, violence and economic and ecological crises. We thank God for allowing us to participate in his mission in the world. From the Theological Community of Mexico, we work for an inclusive church, which seeks unity in diversity so that the world believes that we are its disciples (John 17:21).

Carlos Sediles-Real serves the Theological Community of Mexico (CTdeM). His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.