The Reformed Church in Hungary and the EU Presidency

The Reformed Church in Hungary and the EU Presidency

Hungary holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first half of 2011. The EU Presidency is a great opportunity not only for Hungary, but also for Hungarian churches and for the Reformed Church in Hungary as well. As a global network of local communities, we are committed to bring the Union closer to the people by recognising the community aspects of EU, to foster a unity in reconciled diversity, and to become partners in every good initiative that aims to achieve this.

Therefore the Reformed Church in Hungary has been engaging in an active dialogue with international church partners, the representatives of EU institutions and the Hungarian government to contribute with its own particular approach to the assertion of Christian values defining Europe during the Hungarian EU Presidency, and beyond.

To keep our partners informed about our activities related to the Presidency, we have launched an EU Presidency website. In addition to information on planned programs and reports on past events, visitors can find articles that trace the Reformed Church’s involvement in the EU Presidency, as well as background studies outlining the positions of the Reformed Church in Hungary on a variety of topics, such as Roma Mission, the social responsibilities of the EU or cultural diversity in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Click here to read the ecumenical booklet, “In Community for Europe.”