The Way of Life

The Way of Life

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The Way of Life

 I am the way, and the truth, and the life
John 14:6

Lord, wherever our attention
Has wandered from your calling,
Wherever we have fallen short of your will for us,
And failed to keep the spirit of your law of love,
Forgive us and transform us,

 Wherever the Church is asked
To give leadership on sensitive issues;
Whenever the current world expectations of behavior
Need to be challenged in the light of God’s love,
Give us the wisdom and guidance we need

 Show us the way of life
And help us to walk in it.

 Whenever our homes are lacking
In love and mutual respect,
Wherever destructive relationships
Cause distress and heartache
And wherever people are made to feel they don’t matter,
Give a new realization of your ways
And your hopes for us, so that your kingdom may come
And your will be done

 Wherever there is illness, unhappiness, injustice or fear;
Wherever people feel frustrated, imprisoned or trapped;
Give us a greater sense of loving community, a heart to put right whatever we can
And the willingness to stand alongside one another in our sorrows

 Show us the way of life
And help us to walk in it

 Merciful Lord
Accept these prayers