Theological Community of Honduras

Theological Community of Honduras

Student Story 2010

I was raised by my maternal grandfather and grandmother in a home steeped in religion because my grandfather and two uncles were very prayerful.  Because of this, I considered becoming a priest. I attempted to do so, but made very little progress.  All that was left was my faith, which accompanied me in my struggles, my work, my successes, and my failures.

From my youth I have been involved in processes of struggle and social development.  Through these activities, I met a theological teacher who used to teach in a small Protestant church.  I have attended this church since its founding in 1993.

Some of the theological literature and teachings have been useful in my role as a leader of the community and re-awakened my interest in theology.  I decided on a formal plan after the governmental change of 2009, which convinced me of the need to be better-informed as I seek answers to the contradictions of our culture, our history, and our society.

In 2010 I joined the CTEH, a wise decision because the courses I have studied have expanded my capacity to serve.  In June 2011 I received a diploma for Pastoral Education.  Twelve people graduated from this program.  I am working with other pastors to help churches to promote neighborhood development.

Studying at CTEH has been a blessing.  I have grown in knowledge, skills, faith, and even love.   The Latin American approach to theology makes one become more sensitive to the needs of people, more open to others, more committed to fighting for life, peace, and justice.

Despite the limitations of the CTEH, their theological education provides a valuable resource for Honduran society and its students.  Students are taught to become agents of change, to present Jesus Christ as the companion of people, to promote the Realm of God here and now, and then to reread the Scriptures to discover the liberating will of our God.  For all these reasons, studying at CTEH is a blessing.


Student Story – 2010

Long ago I was an unemployed person with many problems, both economic and spiritual.  One day a good friend asked me to work where she worked.  At this point I made the most important decision of my life which was that no matter whatever the job was I would attend the job interview.  At this interview I learned they needed a housekeeper-concierge.  Without hesitation I accepted the job and I met the most wonderful people who taught me and encouraged me that with sacrifice and desire I could aspire to better opportunities.   I went back to high school via IHER (distance education) as my first goal.  I then decided to continue studying and achieve my second goal of getting a Bachelor of Science degree.  All these studies used up my funds.  That scarcity led me to taking a course in library science which resulted in my working in the CTEH librarian. 

CTEH has taught me that through dedication, sacrifice, and study we can keep dreaming.  My path of study is beginning in next stage in my work and spiritually.  I am in the midst of my theological studies at the Theological Community of Honduras (CTEH).  I am currently in the Bachelor of Theology program where I have been strengthening my spiritual values, both ethical and moral, to have a better relationship with myself, my family, and my community.  With the support of everyone who has been at my side, I hope to continue to achieve my goals.  My goal is to graduate from seminary and be an exemplary mother and teach my children the best way to live. Thank you very much and God bless.

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