Theological Education by Extension College

Theological Education by Extension College

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2011 Report

The Theological Education by Extension College (TEE College) in South Africa continues to grow and develop as it carries out its mission of “equipping anyone, anywhere, for ministry.” The TEE College makes it possible for church leaders to continue in their ministry work while also receiving seminary training.  Seminarians study course materials prepared by the TEE College and meet regularly in groups led by a tutor.  In these groups they discuss the academic work and how it relates to the actual practice of ministry among God’s people. 

TEE College has now received full registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training which means that its degrees, diplomas, and higher certificates are recognized nationally and internationally.  They also have introduced a new three-year program for students registering for 2012.  Students now have the option to take a broad range of electives or to focus in-depth in a certain area of study. 

Students express how important their experiences with the TEE College are to them.  Reverend Jenny Fernandis explained that her work at TEE College has helped her recognize and address the needs of the church even as the demographics of the country change.  The difference TEEC makes in the lives of church leaders can be heard as she shared about her experience, “Finally, do I believe that my studies at TEE College have made an impact on my life?  Yes, most certainly.  I know that I have grown in my outlook on life, love and compassion.  I have stopped viewing myself as unworthy of God’s care and concern.  But most importantly, I have placed my hand in God’s and trusted God to take me along this journey of faith.  Perhaps I will continue studying and broaden my horizons even more.” 

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