Tsunami Update: Rebuilding Emperom, Indonesia

Tsunami Update: Rebuilding Emperom, Indonesia

Global Ministries has teamed with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild a village, which was destroyed by the tsunami, in the Aceh Province of Indonesia.

The village of Emperom is home to 116 families.  Habitat for Humanity is working with the families to plan their homes so that they will be happy living in their new homes.  In some cases this means modifications to the roof designs or window type.  All of the homes are about 36 square meters in size and have two rooms.  They designed to be connected to electric power.  The homes are made of concrete, brick, stone, steel concrete supports, mortar, and wood trusses and galvanized metal sheeting for the roofs.Teams of volunteers have been coming to work in Emperom – most from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Because of the danger of terrorist activities in Indonesia, Habitat for Humanity is only allowing teams to volunteer through their Singapore and domestic locations.  The work has progressed well and the Aceh people are quick with their smiles and warm and inviting to the volunteers.  The restrictions on volunteers are purely cautionary.

Global Ministries missionaries Tim and Diane Fonderlin are assigned to work with Habitat for Humanity.  Tim has been active in their tsunami response, working first in Aceh and then in Sri Lanka.  He is likely to be assigned to India or Pakistan next.

Thanks to all our donors who have made this work possible.  This is just one example of the ways our donors are contributing to the healing and rehabilitation of families who lost so much so quickly last December 26.

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