Union Ave Christian Church Goes Global

Union Ave Christian Church Goes Global

LITCHFIELD, IL (August 18, 2010) – Interest in international mission is not new to Union Ave. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) [UACC].  In 2008, the congregation raised enough money to build a well for a school in Mozambique that now provides clean drinking water for nearly 1,600 students and teachers.  UACC has recently partnered with Global Ministries to become an official Global Mission Church.  Louann Scobbie, chair of UACC’s World Outreach Committee, said, “UACC values sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and responding to the needs of others.  This partnership allows us to live out those values globally.”

UACC kicked off their commitment to world outreach by dedicating this past Sunday (8/15) to international mission work.  Dana Delaney, Sara Randle and Tom Hampton shared their stories from recent mission work in South America and Europe.  As part of the church’s commitment to global mission, UACC will pray for and share the stories of missionaries; provide education opportunities about world issues; encourage action that seeks justice in God ‘s world; explore opportunities for becoming a “green” church; and support international mission work.  UACC has also sponsored a child in Haiti at CONASPEH Children’s Center, which will provide the child with food, clothing, and school supplies this coming year.

* Global Ministries is “the common global witness of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ responsible for nurturing relationships with international partners on behalf of the 2 denominations.”  Source: http://globalministries.org/about-us/

* Union Ave. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is one of the oldest churches in Litchfield, Illinois, founded in 1856.  UACC has been witnessing and worshipping at the corner Harrison and Union since 1904.  UACC is a covenant member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Illinois & Wisconsin region.

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