Update from Christian Medical Action in Nicaragua

Update from Christian Medical Action in Nicaragua

Christian Medical Action was founded in October 1984. AMC is a Christian ecumenical organization that goes beyond its social projects because it is based on respect for the communities, traditions, and customs. Christian Medical Action is working to empower people for God’s purpose in community health in the areas of HIV/AIDS, clean water, sanitation, essential medicines, traditional health, dental health, health models, food security, and disaster risk reduction and response.

Recently, Christian Medical Action – Nicaragua restored critical access to safe drinking water for eighteen families after heavy rains and a devastating landslide in the previous year which destroyed the water storage facilities in the community of Nuevo Jerusalén, a small rural community in the Department of Matagalpa. For an entire year, the community was without access to water in their homes or on their property.

With accompaniment from Christian Medical Action, the community of Nuevo Jerusalén not only restored its water storage, but the water is safer and cleaner than before. The community worked together to build a new water retention system, water storage basin, and tube system for delivering water that improved both water flow and water pressure to homes in the community. Additionally, the new water retention structure prevents animals from accessing the water storage basin and contaminating the water, which was a major challenge with the old system.

One resident of Nuevo Jerusalén shared: This project was so beneficial to the community. I have water inside the house, and I have enough water. I fill buckets in the morning, and I keep the faucets off during the day so that the water can get to families who live higher up the mountain. We are grateful and blessed to have water in our homes, and it was so beautiful to see everyone work together to make this project a success.

The community has plans to continue expanding access to safe, clean drinking water, and to structurally improve the current water delivery system to ensure reliable, in-home water access for all residents.

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