Update on Mungeli Hospital Construction Projects from Anil Henry

Update on Mungeli Hospital Construction Projects from Anil Henry

update on construction projects at Mungeli Hospital in India

We are all excited about the groups coming to Mungeli in 2010 and I know it will really be meaningful for the staff here. 

Meanwhile life here is WET and different from what we expect in the winter.  I am attaching three pictures of what yesterday was like. 

The first is of a tractor that came loaded with bricks and got stuck in the mud and we have something like a winch tied to the tree and are pulling the tractor out of the mud and over the new gate that we just constructed.

The second is of the new roof that we put on the house where Arun stays.  The plan was to put two more houses on top and here we are putting the cement.  The crane which you see hauling up the concrete is our new acquisition to help get the work done as soon as possible.  What you don’t see is that we got rained out at about 5:00pm and had to work in the rain till 9:00pm.  I was drenched.

The third is a picture of the guest house getting a second floor put on.  This will have two more floors by the time we are done with it.  Hopefully we should be closer to being finished so that some of you can inaugurate it.


Anil Henry