Updates from Indonesian partners following earthquake

Updates from Indonesian partners following earthquake

Situation Report from Global Ministries partner, Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) 

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 hit the areas of Palu and Donggala (Sulawesi Tengah) on Friday, 28 September 2018 at 5:02pm local time. The epicenter was located at 27 km northeast of Donggala at 10 km depth below sea level.

A series of earthquakes happened before the main shock. The first earthquake hit the area at 2:00pm local time a magnitude of 5.9. The second earthquake with a magnitudes of 5.8 hit at 2:28pm local time. The third earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 hit at 3:25pm local time.

The main shock was felt in Sulawesi Tengah, Kalimantan, Sulawesi Selatan, Sulawesi Barat, Sulawesi Utara and Gorontalo. After the 7.4 magnitude earthquake, an early warning for tsunami was issued for the west part of Donggala Beach, and watch status for the northern part of Donggala Beach, northern part of Mamuju, and western part of Palu City.

The 7.4 magnitude earthquake caused tsunamis at several areas of Donggala Beach and Talise Beach of Palu. The first wave of tsunami arrived 20-25 minutes after the earthquake and it was followed by other waves. The tsunami hit Talise Beach at Palu City and the western part of Donggala. The tsunami hit housing along the coast line, effecting areas in District of Donggala, Palu City, District of Parigi Moutong, and District of Mamuju Utara (Sulawesi Barat).The tsunami early warning ended at 5:36 local time.


The emergency response phase was extended to 13 – 26 October 2018. The time to find victims to be evacuated was extended 1 day, ending on 12 October 2018, Friday afternoon.

Regulations on international agencies have been enacted on the Participation of International Institutions and INGOs in Disaster Management. Assistance in terms of personnel, logistics and equipment still need to be reported.

The criteria for relocation are: free from hazard (landslide, tsunami, flood and earthquake), not on the beach, not conservation areas, good access to water, and Right to Cultivate and Building Rights on Land are terminated. From the current identification, there are 5 alternate locations in 3 sub-districts that fit these criteria.

Casualties (as of 11 October 2018): 2,085 dead (Prov. Central Sulawesi: Palu, Donggala, Sigi, Parigi Moutong, and Prov. West Sulawesi: Pasang Kayu), 4612 severely injured, 680 missing, 78,994 displaced people and 67,310 houses ruined.

  1. Urgent needs:
    • Drinking water
    • Water tanks
    • Medicines
    • Medical personnel: ER doctor, surgeon, orthopedic doctor, midwives, nurses, ObGyn
    • Psychosocial supports
    • Tents
    • Food
    • Emergency electricity
    • Generator
    • Clothes
    • Assistive devices: wheelchairs, crutches
    • Tarpaulins
    • Blankets
    • Food for infants and children
    • Cutlery
    • Toiletries
    • Family kit
    • Sanitation
    • Funds

What Members of PGI’s Network of Christian Communities for Disaster Response are Doing

Teams in different areas are providing assistance through:

  • Conducting psychosocial support
  • Providing “family kits”
  • Distributing water
  • Providing health services


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