Visiting UCC Zimbabwe – An Update from the Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program

Visiting UCC Zimbabwe – An Update from the Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program

Written by Phyllis Richards, Program Manager for the Child and Elder Sponsorship Program

June 6‐15, 2024, Global Ministries staff visited the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe with whom we have had a longtime partnership. We visited local churches, schools, hospitals and medical clinics.

I found delight in meeting children participating in the program. “My smile,” I said, “is just as much for the sponsors I represent, as it is for myself.”

The children were so excited to meet the staff from Global Ministries, and they had many questions. They wanted to know what it’s like in the US and how long it took to get there. When asked what they liked, many shared the school subjects they excelled in, their favorite sports or food, and they talked about having good friends and loving families. Many were being raised by grandmothers while their parents were away from home.

While we could only visit a few schools and churches due to our limited time, seeing the connection my child sponsorship colleagues had with the children gave the impression of well-being.

The staff knew the children and were there to care for their needs. The ease with which the children spoke with us about what they needed suggested they felt comfortable.

Being with the children gave me the most joy. They were regular children, some shy, some more outgoing, and some who were bright and shining stars. A couple of the children allowed me to take a video of them, which I recorded to share with the specific sponsors but shortened to share with Zimbabwe Sponsors. Additionally, children wrote their semi‐annual letters, which I brought home to share with their sponsors.

The icing on the cake for me was the Daisy Dube Orphanage visit. It was amazing. You could feel the sense of “being home.” The staff’s interactions with the children – of all ages – showed they cared for the children. The children’s sense of ease reflected that they were at home. It was a beautiful feeling that I was proud to be part of. The staff and older children were very proud of the updates they were making on the property. Seeing their freshly painted sleeping quarters, the space allowed for each child, a new outdoor kitchen, and their chicken project left them brimming with pride.

Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program currently has children in Zimbabwe waiting to be sponsored. Child Sponsorship truly makes a difference. Learn more about the Child and Elder Sponsorship Program.