Water Project of the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees

The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) is a program administered by the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC).  The DSPR reflects the Christian core values in its witness to foster and advance socio-economic conditions of Palestinians in order to improve living conditions and realize basic human rights.  The DSPR works toward its vision of a Palestinian society which guarantees pluralism and equal opportunities for all its citizens based on justice, equality of rights, opportunities, and freedom.  

dspr1.jpgConsidering the significance of water for life, Palestinians are enduring a severe water shortage caused by two factors. One factor is a result of natural causes as the region has been affected by climate change and the average rainfall has dropped by 30% in the last ten years.  The other is a result of the Israeli occupation practices of controlling water resources. Palestinians living throughout the occupied Palestinian territories suffer repeated denials of their right to water and sanitation, and water sources are often diverted to Israeli settlements. Palestinians are deprived of fair access to water resources, and insufficient water and sanitation infrastructure development has left communities with minimal amounts of water to meet basic health and hygiene needs. The West Bank Water Department estimates a 35% loss in water due to an old and limited water infrastructure.

The goal of the Water Project of the DSPR is to support Palestinian communities through providing reliable sources of water for domestic and agricultural use.  In order to accomplish this, the Water Project of the DSPR is seeking to install two types of pipeline.  One type is a 3 inch transmission pipeline from the nearest water source to the new water access points.  This is approximately 3 kilometers of piping, depending on how far the community is from the water source.  The second type of pipeline the DSPR is seeking to install is a 2 inch pipeline for internal networks, which will extend the network into unserved communities and replace old pipes that incur high rates of water loss.  Approximately 10 kilometers of piping will need to be installed for two communities.  The Water Project of the DSPR will assist primarily rural communities, ranging from two hundred to several thousand villagers, in the Northern West Bank.

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