Water Wells of Machaze

Water Wells of Machaze

Read the latest report on the water wells of Machaze in Mozambique.

United Church of Christ in Mozambique
2011 Report

The partnership between the United Church of Christ in Mozambique (UCCM) and Global Ministries has its roots in the 1870s when the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission showed an interest in working in Mozambique. Today The Water Well project of Machaze is an example of how the UCCM attends to the physical needs of people in addition to attending to their spiritual needs.

The Water Well project is an excellent example of Critical Presence.  The scarcity of water in the Machaze District in Mozambique makes the precious blessing of water even more precious.  Gifts made to Global Ministries make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who are benefitting from the Water Well project.  The scarcity of water is a very serious problem, especially for the women and girls who must walk long distances and stand in long lines to get one bucket of water.  Girls are often unable to continue with school in order to provide water for their families.

The first well and cistern, which were completed at the end of 2010, have been a great relief to the families who live near the well.  Some of the people have seen their 12-hour walk reduced to almost half.  After research to find an appropriate area, the construction of another cistern has started. 

The local government is very appreciative of the efforts of the UCCM and grateful for this partnership which helps to provide safe drinking water for the people of Machaze.  The government is helpful in supporting training of community members to insure that the wells are maintained and conserved.  Continued support for the building of more wells is essential in making access to the precious gift of water possible for everyone in Machaze.

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