WCC NEWS: Exhibition of hope for the Holy Land opens in Geneva

WCC NEWS: Exhibition of hope for the Holy Land opens in Geneva

On Monday, 18 September at 10:30, an exhibition of hope for justice and peace will open at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva amid a global ecumenical gathering of 45 representatives from all over the world.

Media are encouraged to attend for both photo opportunities and interviews.

The exhibition is part of the highly acclaimed “Seek#JusticeAndPeace in the Holy Land” social media campaign, which began in June this year in connection with the 50-year mark of the Six-Day War and the occupation it entailed.

The opening of the exhibition on Monday coincides with the World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel (WWPPI), a global yearly event to advance peace and join in prayers for the Middle East.

The exhibition is a strong and touching expression of hope for justice and peace by 12 Palestinians and Israelis who all are victims of the occupation.

“By officially launching the 12 Faces exhibition worldwide, we are complementing the digital campaign with a professionally designed display. We warmly invite the public to come and see these 12 compelling testimonies”, explains Marianne Ejdersten, director of Communication at the World Council of Churches (WCC).

The exhibition in Geneva, where the WCC is located, follows a pilot version displayed in Beit Sahour, Palestine, in June, when 60 leaders from churches and faith-based organizations gathered for peace consultations.

“This year provides a number of opportunities to highlight the tragic situation in the Holy Land, and raise awareness of the injustices and sufferings people have endured during 50 years of occupation. Expressions of hope from affected and oppressed people are crucial, especially in times of hopelessness. They also blend well with the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace – a special call to all member churches. ”, says Ejdersten.

The exhibition is produced and hosted by the World Council of Churches and the venue is the Ecumenical Centre at 150 route de Ferney in Geneva.