WCC NEWS: WCC condemns extremist attacks in France

WCC NEWS: WCC condemns extremist attacks in France

WCC_logo.pngWorld Council of Churches interim General Secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca expressed solidarity with the churches and people of France, and condolences to the families of the victims, in the wake of extremist attacks in Nice on 29 October.

Three people were reported killed in a knife attack at Notre Dame de Nice.

“Following the horrific killing of teacher Samuel Paty earlier this month, these atrocities demand a renewed search for an effective response to the phenomenon of violent religious extremism, not only in France, but in the many countries around the world that continue to be afflicted by it each day,” said Sauca. “There can be no legitimate religious justification for this brutality, and any and all attempts to justify such attacks on religious grounds must be categorically denounced.”

Sauca added: “We are grateful for the cooperation of our interreligious partners–including through the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity–in pursuing this shared conviction.”

Read the full statement by the WCC Interim General Secretary