Witnessing in the time of COVID-19: An update on Global Ministries Mission Co-workers

Witnessing in the time of COVID-19: An update on Global Ministries Mission Co-workers

The COVID-19 public health emergency continues to change and evolve each day, impacting many of our lives. It has disrupted plans, regular programming, and routines, leaving many feeling uncertain. In the midst of this, Global Ministries, mission co-workers, and global partners are doing our best to contribute to the health and safety of our fellow global citizens while remaining committed to our mission of presence.  

This week, Area Executives shared updates on the status of all mission co-workers with Global Ministries leadership.  Every mission co-worker is in contact and discerning their best course of action in consultation with the Area Executive, global partner, and their families. Area Executives and global partners have been most focused on our young adults in this changing situation. As of the publishing of this letter, five Global Mission Interns have returned home and four remain in place. Other mission co-workers have made the decision to stay and accompany our partners during these challenging days.  These situations continue to be evaluated as conditions evolve. Communications between Area Executives, partners, and mission co-workers remain open.

During this time, Global Ministries will be sharing regular prayers and stories from mission co-workers who are working around the world. As Andrew Larsen, serving in the Philippines wrote:

We are to follow the example of washing feet. Getting down to the nitty gritty dirty work of being a servant to those in need. It is hard to interpret this in any other way. What does this look like during this time? Our feet washing of today are the concrete actions required to walk alongside the communities in most need.

This virus is touching all of our partners around the world.  Throughout all of this, we are holding all of the people in the world in prayer.  Judy Chan, from Hong Kong writes:

We continue to pray for all those affected including patients, their families, frontline medical workers, and vulnerable groups in the community like cleaning staff, the elderly, and those for whom vital services are closed due to the virus. We also pray for governments and those in authority to respond wisely and quickly in this critical moment. Lastly, we pray for churches and all Christians to be mighty witnesses for the love and mercy of God through their words and deeds, both private and public.

Please keep all of the mission co-workers in your prayers. If you would like to share in their witness during this time of crisis, please sign up for Global Ministries updates, including regular prayerful responses to pandemic from around the world and here at home.


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