YWCA of Palestine Action Alert: Commemorate and Celebrate

YWCA of Palestine Action Alert: Commemorate and Celebrate

Palestinians remember two dates which symbolize the tearing apart of Palestinian society and the exile of hundreds of thousands of people.

Al Naksa, day of “setback” also known as the second Nakba “catastrophe”, is commemorated on June 6th and refers to the expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza during 1967. Thus, it also marks the beginning of the Israeli military occupation. This year the occupation turns 49.

On June 5th, Israel commemorates the taking of the Old City in the aftermath of this same six-day war.

It is celebrated by both religious Zionists and ultranationalist Jews who are known for their racist and violent attacks against Arabs. This year the Jerusalem Municipality has tripled the budget for the March of the Flags that proudly marches through the Muslim Quarter.

The Holy City of Jerusalem is a city of two people and three faiths. This yearly march celebrating the “unification of the city” actually highlights the divisions.

This year Ramadan may start on June 6th which would make June 5th the beginning of prayers and fasting. This means that many Muslims who desire to come to Al Aqsa will either be restricted from coming or possibly suffer violence on their way to prayer. Ramadan is a time which brings families together. The Illegal Annexation Wall and restricted movement make it impossible or very challenging for families to celebrate together.

After months of violence in the streets and a sharp increase in home demolitions and evictions and now air strikes against Gaza again, Palestinians remember what they lost in 1967 when 95% of the population fled to Jordan as refugees or were pushed out of their homes to become internally displaced. They remember what they lost and how long this occupation has continued.

We ask you this year to offer your blessings to our Muslim sisters and brothers for a joyous Ramadan, Ramadan Kareem. We ask that you pray for Jerusalem that all may be safe. We ask you to affirm with us the Right of Return for all refugees including those from 1967. We ask that you work with us in breaking down this illegal Wall. We ask that you join us in working to end this 50 year old occupation and work for a just peace where all have security, dignity, and freedom.

One way you can join us is by supporting our various advocacy campaigns and projects under our Peace and Justice work. We have created tools to help you tell the story of what you have seen or what is happening to the Palestinian people especially the women and children.

Click here to view the statement on the YWCA of Palestine’s website.