YWCA of Palestine offers an update on the emergency COVID-19 situation

YWCA of Palestine offers an update on the emergency COVID-19 situation

YWCAP_logo.pngWritten by Dr. Mira Rizeq, National General Secretary

We are all facing a very dire situation, and we continue to pray for the safety of global citizens. This situation is so different than anything we have previously faced, and it continues to be difficult to speculate the end result, or even put in place an emergency preparedness plan.

As the numbers grow both in Palestine and Israel, we continue to monitor the safety guidelines and will be acting accordingly.

Both states announced the emergency situation, but Palestine seems to be instituting more stringent measures, simply because we are not prepared for such an endemic. Most airlines are not flying to Israel or outside of Israel.  Cargo flights are still operational, including public transport, trains, subways etc. (In Israel)

All over Palestine, including East Jerusalem,  schools, universities, courts,  restaurants, shopping malls, cafés etc. are closed. Offices, banks and businesses continue to be opened, not sure until when.

The YWCA of Palestine is working as much as possible. Our staff in Ramallah have flex times, working between home and the office, but of course we had to cancel all events, activities, trainings, field visits, etc. The Jerusalem office (national office) continues to operate at full capacity. The Bethlehem office is completely closed and staff are under total lock-down, also working from home.  

Many YWCA activities and programs that have been cancelled, postponed, etc. and we will eventually assess the backlog, and also prepare for a back up plan when the situation allows. There definitely will be delays in implementation, and we will start assessing as time passes.

At this stage most important is the safety of all of you and us, our staff and communities and nations. I continue to pray for your safety, and hope this will be over soon…. Right now it looks like an unending nightmare, or better….a roller coaster ride!  Wishing you all the best, and stay safe!