YWCA of Palestine statement: Demand release of Palestinian parliamentarian

YWCA of Palestine statement: Demand release of Palestinian parliamentarian

As part of our work on UNSCR1325, we support the education and development of women in decision-making positions.

As a rights-based organization we stand for justice and against those who violate humanitarian and international law. When PLC MP Khalida Jarrar was arrested and then issued a 6 month detention order we were alarmed but not shocked.

We are not shocked because there has been a 500% increase in administrative detention orders since the beginning of 2015. This translates to 319 new people being held without charges or trials under Israeli military law.

We believe along with others that this excessive use of administrative detention is a blatant violation of international law and that it is being used as a mechanism of deterrence and punishment against Palestinian society. It is no coincidence that this detention comes after the state of Palestine has joined the International Criminal Court (ICC).

MP Jarrar monitors relations with the ICC. Thus, this detention can also be seen as collective punishment. Furthermore, it is a war crime under the Geneva Convention, article (7) of the ICC Rome Statute that prohibits the arbitrary deportation, arrest and persecution of civilians. Khalida Jarrar is indeed being persecuted.

As newly elected Knesset member Aida Touma-Suleiman said, “This arrest is a stain on the conscience of the rulers of Israel, joining the crimes of occupation – firstly, confiscating the freedom of an entire people, including thousands of prisoners, with 16 members of Parliament detained in Israeli jails, led by the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Aziz Dweik.” In addition we have grave concerns for Jarrar’s health as she is on record with severe medical issues.

What can you do?

  • Hold your decision-makers accountable for upholding international law.
  • Demand your elected officials and MPs demand that her order to be revoked and that she is released long with the 16 other members of Parliament.
  • And finally, call for an end to the Israeli military occupation itself which allows Israel to follow military law rather than civil laws.