Global Ministries projects supporting Church Capacity Building

When missionaries landed on distant shores and started building relationships with local people, they found that God was already there. God has always been with all of creation, and through congregations, seminaries, and lay training schools, international partners are helping to share the good news of God's abundant life with all people while developing a vision of God that is faithful both to their lives and to the Gospel.

As the Apostle Paul wrote, each part of the body of Christ has an important role to play, and when our brothers and sisters are not included, we find our own faith incomplete. International partners have been very active in strengthening this body. In Fiji, seminaries are helping people to see the connection between their traditional beliefs and the responsibility of creation care. In China, the world's largest Bible printer is producing more than 10 million Bibles annually in dozens of languages that will benefit Christians in Southern Asia, South America and in many parts of Africa.

Through the sending of staff to assist in theological education, ministry sponsorship, and support for rebuilding congregations, Global Ministries works with hundreds of partners in strengthening the body of Christ. 

Make your gift an alternative gift of Church Capacity Building and honor a loved one while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world


Current Church Capacity Building Projects


Ambassadors of Good Hope Fund Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo
Congo Pastors Pension Endowment Fund Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo
Motorcycles and Bicycles for Pastors and Nurses Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo
United Seminary of Ricatla Ricatla United Seminary (Mozambique)
Transportation in Rural Areas United Church of Christ in Mozambique
Missionary Support for Erik and Kim Free United Church of Christ in Mozambique
Impofondo Church Building Project Disciples of Christ Chrruch of the Congo
Bridgman Development Center United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
Crosby Scholarship Fund for Theological Education United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe
Pastors Pension Support Fund for the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe

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