All Africa Conference of Churches New Campaign Against Gender Based Violence

All Africa Conference of Churches New Campaign Against Gender Based Violence

This article was originally shared by the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) here.

“The Agenda 2063; The Africa we want; envisages a non-sexist Africa, where girls and boys can reach their full potential, and where men and women contribute equally to the development of their societies.” Noted AACC’s Executive Secretary, Youth, Brian Muyunga as he introduced the Campaign to the General Assembly. “To achieve this, all forms of SGBV must have been eliminated by 2063, and this means putting an end to all harmful social practices.” He continued.

Brian argued that this is possible given that the majority of Africa’s Population are young people capable of unlearning the social, cultural, and religious values, norms, and practices that propagate SGBV, and learn new ways of living built on the core of Christ’s love that compels us to see ourselves in each other. He revealed that the Churches’ Campaign Against SGBV in Africa will run with the Slogan: Let Love lead: End SGBV now. 

The campaign is a response to the young peoples’ request to the AACC to continue accompanying their efforts to eliminate GBV, during the All Africa Youth Congress, in Accra Ghana, in 2022.

Ms. Ann Kioi, AACC’s Programs Development and Fundraising officer affirmed that the campaign focuses on young people as major stakeholders and beneficiaries with a strong conviction that accelerating the realization of SDG 5 and Aspiration 6 of the Agenda 2063 requires continuously engaging and empowering young people to advocate for an end to all acts of SGBV and promote gender justice in all their spheres of influence.

“Riding on the young people’s desire to build Africa into the kind of home they want to have now and, in the future, as expressed in the AACC’s campaign on the theme: Africa: My Home. My Future., the campaign will be run on Pan-African principles and values.” She said.

“I am happy about the focus on young people, and I strongly endorse this campaign.” Said one of the delegates.

The Rt Rev Arnold Temple, AACC president launched the campaign to run for 2024-2025.

Global Ministries is committed to joining with partners in work against gender-based violence. Please join Global Ministries in the global, ecumenical Thursdays in Black movement.