The Congo Initiative

The Congo Initiative

At the 2013 General Synod and General Assembly, Global Ministries launched the Congo Initiative. There are a number of reasons for this specific focus.  In 2011, both the UCC Synod and DOC Assembly approved resolutions calling for reflection, education and advocacy on behalf of the Congo.  Over the past decade, approximately 6 million people have been killed in ongoing conflict and war for control of the Congo’s vast mineral resources.  In addition, we have a long history of engagement in the Congo, and today, through Global Ministries, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ continue this legacy of connections and relationships.  I Corinthians 12:16 states that when one part of the body suffers, we all suffer. With a history and engagement in the Congo since 1899, we cannot ignore our calling to walk in solidarity with sisters and brothers there.

Worship Resources

One way we can participate in this initiative is through worship. While we may speak different languages and worship in different ways, our common faith in God binds us together. Find Worship Resources here.


Introduction to the Congo InitiativeView Online | Download
Song of the Congo (Global Ministries in the Congo)View Online | Download
A Joyful Noise (music video)View Online | Download
Empowering Women in the CongoView Online | Download
Healthcare in the CongoView Online | Download
Education in the CongoView Online | Download
The Effects of War on the CongoView Online | Download
Community of Disciples of Christ of the CongoView Online | Download
Matthew 6 Offering MeditationView Online | Download
Micro credit projectView Online | Download
Psalm 100 Mission MomentView Online | Download

Bible Studies

One of the goals of the Congo Initiative is to provide congregations with a way of connecting Biblical principles with advocacy issues identified by our partners in the Congo. We are pleased to present you with the following Bible studies that provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and concerns of our brothers and sisters. These Bible Studies have also been translated into French so that they may be used in churches throughout the Congo.

By Partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

 Health Video Commentary | Original French
 Natural Resources Video Commentary | Original French
 Presence and Partnership Video Commentary | Original French
 Rape as a Weapon of War Video Commentary | Original French
 Water Video Commentary | Original French
 Women’s and Children’s Rights Video Commentary | Original French

By Dr. Rick Lowery:

Critical PresenceVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
HealingVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Natural ResourcesVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Natural Resources and Reckless GreedVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Plowshares and Pruning KnivesVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Presence and PartnershipVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Rape as an Instrument of WarVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
WaterVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Water and JusticeVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
What it Means to be a NeighborVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Women’s and Children’s RightsVideo Commentary (Download) | French translation
Women’s and Children’s Rights 2Video Commentary (Download) | French translation


The Music of Mama Beyeke Bofii

Where can one find the best music? You may be surprised to learn that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is well-known for its innovation in music throughout the world. It is out of this rich cultural context that Marie Beyeke-Bofii, known to the Disciples of Christ Community and the ecumenical church in the Congo as, “Mama Beyeke” arose to transform the worship experience in the life and witness of congregations throughout the Congo with her melodic voice and artistic leadership (full profile of Mama Beyeke).

In the late 80’s Mama Beyeke’s choral group traveled to the United States and performed at General Assembly as well as recording this album. We encourage you to use this sacred music both in worship settings and in your daily life as a way to connect more closely to our brothers and sisters in the Congo. This music is not for commercial use. Click to download complete album.

Vacation Bible School / Sunday School Material

Njoku & Bombambo is a short story from the Congo that makes a great Sunday School activity or a children’s moment. Simply download the pdf and staple the two pages together to form the booklet. Then after you have read the story, invite the children to create their own illustrations to go with Enkumo Lot’s short story (example).

The Kids to Kids material Journey to Congo provides many different Bible story lessons, crafts, games, and worship ideas appropriate for children.

Deepened Understanding

Another important goal of the Congo Initiative is to foster a deep understanding of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The following books and films have been suggested by Global Ministries staff and our partners in the Congo. We encourage you to initiate a book club or organize a film night in your congregation to engage in these materials.

Suggested Books | Recommended Films