Leader Formation at Kgolagano College

Leader Formation at Kgolagano College

Written by: Paul Chimhungwe, who serves with Kgolagano College, Botswana.

The beautiful Botswana sunrise reminds me daily that our God is at work in this part of the continent. As a mission co-worker, I am just participating in what the Almighty is accomplishing in Botswana and other parts of the beautiful continent of Africa. His wonderful deeds are displayed daily—what a wonderful miracle-working God we serve.

Sub-Saharan Africa is now the epicentre of Christianity, with close to 650 million Christians. The Lord is calling many to his fold, but there needs to be more qualified leaders. Only five percent of church leaders are estimated to have a seminary/college education. This includes even Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. There is a chronic shortage of qualified teachers; this calls for a symbiotic relationship between churches in the Global South and Global North to tackle this challenge.

Therefore, it is a privilege to teach at Kgolagano College, the oldest ecumenical seminary in Botswana, founded in 1975. The who-is-who across the churches in Botswana rubbed their shoulders at Kgolagano College, and that legacy continues. I am grateful to our brothers and sisters in the West—especially the United States and Canada—who are partnering with us in eradicating poverty, enhancing justice issues, fighting gender-based violence, improving the quality of life, and training men and women who want to teach and minister to their kith and kin in Africa. Kgolagano College in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, is deeply involved in the later training of men and women who aim to teach the Cross of Christ from an ecumenical point of view.

Gorata Balemoge: A Reformed Former Inmate

Kgolagano College trains Christian leadership principles to selected inmates in some of Botswana’s main prisons. In 2022, our students included Gorata Balemoge, who has been in and out of prison on several occasions. But in 2022, she accepted the lordship of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth and vowed not to break the law. She was released on January 17, 2023, and we have been monitoring her integration programme. So far, she has kept the other side of her vows, and I am constantly in touch with her. At the end of November, she recorded a six-track album, Jeso Ke Kgosi Jesus is the King. It will be launched sometime this year. She is currently raising funds to start a tailoring/dressmaking project. Industrial sewing and industrial overlocking machines are her two main requirements, and I pray that one day, someone will touch and assist her.  Gorata is a talented tailor who made four shirts for me while serving her term. Currently, she is operating a small home bakery, baking confectionary for primary students, but it’s not sustainable financially, hence the need for dressmaking.

Teaching Load

The college has about thirty students in the three delivery modes: full-time, block release and open distance learning. Most students are in their late twenties and mid-thirties, but a few are above forty. My teaching load includes:

  • African Theologies
  • Christian Worship
  • Christology
  • College Study Skills
  • Denominational Polity and Administration
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Survey of Church History

Writing Modules

The college library needs more resources; hence, teachers have to write modules to assist students in getting quality reading material. Since I arrived at Kgolagano College, the Lord has guided me to write six modules: Christian Worship, Survey of Church History, Christian Leadership, Denominational Polity and Administration, the Synoptic Gospels, and College Study Skills. I incorporate these modules in both my virtual and in-person classes. I use Google Class for virtual classes, which is handy for our block and open-distance-learning program.


The Government of Botswana legislated that all churches be registered under the Societies Acts, 2022 No. 6 of 2022. The Act requires that all churches be led by an individual with a minimum of a theology/biblical studies certificate from an accredited seminary.  Hence, the increase in our enrollment is a trend we expect to continue.

Kgolagano College Convocation

In early November, the college convocated at its Palapye Residential Centre. I delivered three lessons centred on Homiletics and Worship in an African context. Twenty-five participants attended the lectures, including alumni, current students, and some staff members. It was a spiritually enriching time that gave me an insight into the Setswana culture.

Leadership Lessons for the Apostolic Faith Church

During September, the Apostolic Faith Church contracted the college to train its twenty laypeople in Christian leadership. The following were some of the lessons that were covered: Types of Cultural Models of Leadership; Esther, Jeremiah, and Paul of Tarsus as examples of leaders; Principles of Ethical Leadership; Preaching and Sermon Preparation; Introduction to the Bible; Anger Management, and Leadership and Gender Issues. The participants were selected from the denomination’s congregations throughout Botswana. After the five-day training, the participants were grateful for receiving the lessons.

March Against Gender-Based Violence

A few days before Christmas, I attended a five-kilometre march organized by the Botswana Council of Churches and other faith-based organizations in the concerted fight against gender-based violence, especially towards women, a rampant phenomenon in Botswana. The march was graced by the United States Ambassador to Botswana. Speaker after speaker denounced violence, which is perpetuated through certain entrenched cultural values. The march was one of the leading news items on Botswana Television (BTV) that day.

Family News

Kumbi’s Visit to France

Kumbirai, our son, visited Paris, France, with other students from his school in October. It was a memorable eleven days. We thank God for safety, and the students had valuable lessons about life in the First World.


I had two book reviews and two book chapters published in 2024. I pray that the trend will continue.

Let me close by thanking all who have contributed to our stay in Botswana. The Lord is at work, and we thank him for what he is accomplishing through your support.

Paul’s appointment to the Kgolagano College, Botswana, is made possible by your gifts to the Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, Week of Compassion, and special gifts.