May in Mozambique

May in Mozambique

Dear Friends,

Kim and I continue to do well in Beira with your support and prayers. We have a vehicle now, which has proved immensely helpful with procuring household items and getting around town as we continue to orient ourselves to our new environment. We were excited last month to find furniture for the living room in our apartment. It is beginning to feel like a home. 

Our language classes are going well. We have another series of tests this week to gauge our progress. We have both begun using Portuguese more and more in conversation, as practice is really the best way for you to become more comfortable with a new language. When I preached my first sermon here, I was able to read the scripture and offer the prayer in Portuguese, which the congregation seemed to appreciate. Kim is beginning to connect with the women’s groups at the church and we are both looking forward to spending some time working with patients at a local, church-sponsored, health clinic starting in a couple weeks.

We recently met with the head of the clinic and talked about how we might be able to help, Kim with her healthcare skills and myself using my chaplain training. We have also been meeting a lot of new people, both other missionaries and local Mozambicans who have been helping us learn the culture and how best to weave ourselves into the fabric of life here. Conversations with the president of the United Church of Christ in Mozambique, Pastor Lucas Amosse, have been happening as we envision our work with the church here in Beira for the next year or so. Some exciting ideas are coming up such as multiple women’s group projects, church elder training, English language classes, etc. Global Ministries will let you know when we have more details on how you and your churches can be a part of these worthwhile ventures.

I can’t say enough how much Kim and I and the church here appreciate the support you offer us through prayer and resources. We are truly blessed to be working with such good partners on both sides of the world. The churches we visit here are eager to here about you and I am sure you are curious about them as well. If you aren’t already following our blog and Facebook posts I encourage you to do so because we hope to begin highlighting some of our local partners on those forums soon!

Thank You and God Bless,

Erik and Kim Free

Kim and Erik Free serve with the United Church of Christ in Mozambique.