New update from the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Matanzas

New update from the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Matanzas

The Evangelical Seminary of Theology was established in the city of Matanzas in 1946 as an ecumenical training center.  The seminary provides high-level theological education to prepare students for full-time ministry in churches and other Christian service endeavors throughout Cuba and elsewhere.

Even while confronting natural disasters, a resurgence of religious fundamentalism, and the worsening of the U.S. blockade of Cuba, 2019 was a year when the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Matanzas, Cuba, (SET), thrived. From 2018 to 2019, the school saw a 44% increase in enrolled students, with the number of enrolled female students doubled. A focus on providing effective answers to the needs of church and society has guided Matanzas Seminary, and this focus has made it a place where students continually refer to the seminary as a blessing.

This course allowed me to discover the wonderful importance, usefulness and necessity of ecumenism, said Rosaida, a student in the Biblical Studies and Theology training course and a full-time Physical Education teacher. As a lay person, Rosaida applies the lessons she learns at the seminary on practicing theology and respecting the differences of all community members during her church’s adult education class, teaching children’s ministry, and even into her work as a teacher in the community. Reflecting on her experience as a student at Matanzas Seminary, Rosaida says, In Christ, everything is possible. The most important thing is love and not only the particular denomination we represent.

The training and preparation Rosaida and other students gain while being at Matanzas Seminary continues to sustain a movement of Christian leaders committed to ecumenical dialogue and transformational ministry that spans across the region and globally.

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