The Pacific Basin Initiative Peace and Resilience Devotional

The Pacific Basin Initiative Peace and Resilience Devotional

The Pacific Basin Initiative Devotional Resources offer a diverse multitude of materials designed to foster spiritual growth and reflection within the Pacific Basin region. Through a range of devotional resources which includes prayers, videos, and reflections, theses devotionals inspire us to extend our faith and connection of the Pacific Basin.

Peace and Resilience Throughout the Pacific Basin
Peace and resilience are imperative throughout the Pacific Basin due to the interconnectedness of nations and the shared challenges they face. The region’s geopolitical significance, marked by diverse cultures, economies, and strategic interests, underscores the necessity for stability and cooperation. As a hotspot for environmental vulnerabilities, including climate change and natural disasters, fostering resilience is vital to safeguarding communities and ecosystems. Additionally, historical tensions and territorial disputes underscore the urgent need for peaceful resolutions to prevent conflict escalation and promote regional harmony. By prioritizing peace and resilience, communities in the Pacific Basin can collectively address common threats, enhance socio-economic development, and build a sustainable future for generations to come.

In July 2022, Task Force Bangon Marawi reported approximately
83,700 people had been displaced due to the Marawi Seige of 2017.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


The scriptures below provide a biblical foundation for engaging in eco-friendly farming practices, addressing climate issues, advocating for climate justice, and promoting stewardship of creation in accordance with our Christian values.

The enduring quest for peace and the resilience of communities affected by conflict are powerful testimonies to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity. As partners in the Philippines tirelessly advocate for peace and demilitarization, their efforts echo through the region, offering hope and inspiration. Similarly, the Bazaar Café in Kyoto, Japan, stands as a beacon of unity and inclusion, embodying the values of compassion and community building. What began as a simple project has evolved into a dynamic space where individuals of diverse backgrounds come together to forge connections, share experiences, and support one another. Through its myriad programs and initiatives, the Café not only provides practical assistance but also nurtures a culture of understanding and acceptance. From offering care programs for those facing health challenges to hosting discussions on topics ranging from diversity to love, the Café fosters an environment where all are welcomed and valued. In the face of conflict and adversity, both the advocacy efforts in the Philippines and the community-building endeavors of the Bazaar Café exemplify the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and solidarity. As we reflect on their stories, may we be inspired to play our part in promoting peace and building inclusive communities wherever we are called.

Matthew 25:35-36- Showing Compassion and Care
Jesus teaches us about the importance of showing compassion and care to those in need: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me." This scripture reminds us of the profound impact of reaching out to others with love and hospitality, embodying the essence of Christ's teachings. The Bazaar Café in Kyoto, Japan, beautifully exemplifies this principle through its mission to create a welcoming space for people of diverse backgrounds. What began as a joint project has blossomed into a vibrant community hub where individuals from various walks of life come together, find support, and build relationships. Through its wide range of programs and initiatives, the Café extends a helping hand to those facing challenges, offering practical assistance, education, and a listening ear. From providing care for those dealing with health issues to fostering dialogue and understanding through discussions on various topics, the Café embodies the spirit of compassion and service. As we reflect on this scripture and the inspiring work of the Bazaar Café, may we be encouraged to follow Jesus' example of love in action, reaching out to those in need and creating spaces of inclusion and support in our own communities.
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Resiliency During Conflict
Despite facing tremendous adversity in the aftermath of the 2017 attack on Marawi City, Dansalan College has exhibited remarkable resilience and determination to carry on its mission of bridge-building and education. The destruction of the Marawi campus prompted the college to redirect its efforts to the Iligan campus, where it has successfully continued its operations, fostering harmony and understanding between Christian and Muslim communities. Through ongoing development projects and the preservation of its extensive library collection, Dansalan College remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering future generations with knowledge and cultural appreciation. The college’s unwavering resolve serves as a testament to the resilience of individuals and communities in times of conflict and hardship, inspiring hope and renewal amidst adversity.

Romans 12:18 - Resilient Response to Adversity
In light of the challenges faced by Dansalan College in Marawi City, Philippines, and their resilient response to adversity, we are reminded of the biblical call to pursue peace even in the midst of turmoil. Despite the devastation caused by the militant attack in 2017, Dansalan College remains committed to its mission of bridge-building between Christian and Muslim communities. The journey towards peace and reconciliation may be fraught with obstacles and uncertainties, as evidenced by the prolonged displacement of the Marawi campus. However, the college's perseverance and determination to continue its educational endeavors in Iligan exemplify a steadfast dedication to fostering understanding and harmony. As we contemplate this scripture, let us be encouraged to actively seek opportunities to sow seeds of peace and reconciliation in our own communities, trusting in God's guidance and provision as we navigate the complexities of building resilient and peaceful societies.

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