Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala

Concejo Ecuménico Cristiano de Guatemala

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The Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala is a place for Christian encounter, reflection, and action for those committed to working for peace, reconciliation, and ecumenism in Guatemala.  The Ecumenical Council takes on the challenge of maintaining the kairos of the Guatemalan Peace Agreements, upholding a prophetic voice of denunciation and declaration of facts and situations of injustice, and other realities that hinder the fulfillment of the Realm of God on earth.

The Ecumenical Christian Council is convinced that Christian unity, or ecumenism, is one way to develop a democracy that promotes tolerance, respect, ethnic and religious pluralism, and peaceful living together. Therefore, the Council seeks to be an ecumenical instrument of reflection, action, and projection where the mainline churches of Guatemala learn to become advocates of their nation’s life through the perspectives of Christian values, the search for the common good, the construction of peace and reconciliation, and promotion of better living conditions for the Guatemalan population in the current context of violence and globalization.

The Ecumenical Christian Council focuses on six areas of work:

Developing a pastoral culture of peace—Through ecumenical public prayers, lectures, theological courses, national youth meetings, workshops, ministries of women for gender justice, and migrant programs, the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala continues to give a prophetic voice and nurture for the participation of men and women in society in all regions of Guatemala.

Youth and Children—Creating conditions for empowering youth leadership (men, women, indigenous, and mestizos) in churches and communities through the socio-theological reading of the gospel, leadership formation with critical thinking, and technical training to transform society.

Women and Gender Justice—Contribute to the generation of knowledge, learning, and intervention of women in the transformation of the roles of families, churches, and society, to eradicate violence, especially gender, as well as empower women’s leadership and participation in decision-making spaces.

Stewardship of Creation—From an ecumenical and intercultural perspective, give support to communities for the defense of territory and creation, ecological protection, risk management, and humanitarian aid in alliance with other spaces.

Ecumenical Celebrations—Organize ecumenical events and points of advocacy for the participation of churches and individuals.

HIV Care—Promote pastoral accompaniment for those living with HIV and promote education and HIV prevention methods throughout Guatemala.

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