Podcast: Ministries of the Hong Kong Church

Podcast: Ministries of the Hong Kong Church

Global Ministries is pleased to introduce a 4-part podcast on the Ministries of the Hong Kong Church. This series is hosted by mission co-worker Judy Chan and produced with support from the Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC) and Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS). The music for the series is “Joy Dawned Again,” performed by the Oikos Ensemble, arranged by Cliff Aerie and Chris Bakriges.

Episode 1: Gender Justice

Learn about HKCC’s ground-breaking Anti-Sexual Harassment Program in an interview with Jessica Tso, Assistant Executive Secretary for Gender Justice Ministry at HKCC.

Episode 2 – Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Learn about the Hong Kong church’s ministry with refugees and asylum seekers. Listen to a moving interview with UN refugee Mr. Aimé of Christian Action.

Episode 3 – Ecological Concern

Learn about the environmental situation in Hong Kong and what churches are doing in the area of creation care. Listen to an interview with noted environmentalist Elder Dr. Wong Fook-yee, HKCC General Secretary.

Episode 4 – Interfaith Relations

Learn about the Hong Kong Christian Council’s (HKCC) relationships with leaders of other faiths in the city. Listen to an enlightening interview with Jeff Kwong, HKCC Executive Secretary in charge of the Council’s interfaith programs.

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