Rawdat El-Zuhur December 2022 Newsletter

Rawdat El-Zuhur December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of the year, and we get busy in the hustle and bustle of the Holy season, let us for a moment stop and think and remind ourselves of how fortunate some of us are, despite all what is going on around the world, and especially in our part of the world, supposedly the Holy Land. Do remember to treat yourself to an act of kindness and think of the many children on whose face you can add a smile by such an act.

As we share with you our news for the first semester of the new school year, we want to seize this opportunity to thank you for your support and to wish you and your families warm greetings for a blessed Christmas, and peace throughout the New Year.

Abla Nasir, President and Raeda Jasser, School Principal

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