Pray with Cuba, March 24, 2024

Pray with Cuba, March 24, 2024

Lectionary Selection: Mark 14:1-15:47

Prayers for Cuba

God of life, of living dawns and peaceful nights, at this moment, we pray that you hear these words of supplication that your people cry out.

We ask you, as humanity, to enlighten our wisdom to recognize you as the truth and salt of our existence and that we respond to you as nations of peace, reconciliation, and love. We pray for every person suffering from hunger, poverty, or sickness and for every heartbroken heart.

We especially pray for the country of Cuba, its people, and its churches that YOU may put joy and hope in their hearts. Amid so much crisis, may these people find in the values of solidarity and brotherhood a sign of the embrace of your caring wings. Just as the woman with her bottle of perfume did not hesitate to offer Jesus what she possessed, may our Cuban churches be the givers of balms for the communities, that they speak of your infinite love through actions of good deeds, and may they receive your discernment so that we may continue to walk always at the side of your justice.

Through Jesus, who walks with his people, we ask you. Amen

Mission Moment from Cuba

The winds of the last hurricane affected the structure of their already damaged house. La China, her two daughters, and her months-old grandchildren lived for several days, almost out in the open, punished by the sun by day and the serenity by night. She is a feisty woman (a fighter), but she knew it would be difficult to recover amid the country’s shortages and the number of affected families across the island. Along with the roof, their few belongings were gone, and their only two mattresses were damaged. This is one of the many stories we encountered when we arrived in the small towns in western Cuba in the aftermath of Cyclone Ian. The Martin Luther King Center was a recipient of solidarity and love from various parts of the world to help the people affected by the pandemic, the fire in Matanzas, the food crisis, and the lack of medicines. Churches, ecumenical institutions, associations, and people of goodwill were and are the necessary support and balm for many of our people.

We arrived at La China’s house, not only with mattresses and roofing materials but also to restore hope. More than one life is transformed when we join forces and help each other.

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