Pray with Hungary, July 16, 2023

Pray with Hungary, July 16, 2023

Lectionary Selection:  Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Prayers for Hungary

Gracious and loving God,

As we gather before you, we reflect upon the parable of the Sower, recognizing the importance of nurturing and cultivating the seeds of compassion, understanding, and peace in our world. Today, we lift up the nation of Hungary, its people, and the political situation it faces, particularly concerning the Ukrainian refugees.

Dear Lord, we pray for unity and wisdom among the leaders of Hungary. May they be guided by justice and compassion as they navigate the complexities of political decisions, seeking the best interests of their nation and all those affected by their choices. Grant them discernment to find solutions that promote harmony and understanding, even in the midst of challenges.

Lord, we also pray for the Ukrainian refugees who have sought shelter in Hungary. You, O God, are the ultimate refuge and provider of comfort. May these displaced individuals find solace in their new surroundings and be embraced with open hearts and open arms. Help the Hungarian people to extend a hand of friendship and hospitality, recognizing the shared humanity and the potential for mutual enrichment.

We ask for your grace to cultivate an atmosphere of empathy and compassion within the hearts of all Hungarians. May they see beyond borders and divisions, embracing the diversity of different cultures and backgrounds. Help them to embody the virtues of love, acceptance, and understanding, breaking down barriers and fostering unity.

Finally, Lord, inspire and empower us all to be instruments of peace and reconciliation, not only in Hungary but throughout the world. May we sow seeds of hope, justice, and harmony, knowing that with your grace, even the most challenging situations can be transformed.

In your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.

Mission Moment from Hungary

Since 2020, the Refugee Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) has been blessed with the opportunity to support ten Pakistani families who faced persecution in their homeland and sought refuge in Thailand. However, their journey did not end there, for they encountered further trials and tribulations while living in hiding, illegally, and in constant fear for many years. Yet, our faithful God is a rescuing God who never forsakes His beloved ones in times of hardship. In His infinite grace, He made a way for them to reach the promised land of Hungary, where they can openly pray, worship, and proclaim the name of our living Lord and Savior.

Through the dedicated efforts of RCH’s Ministry, a vibrant and steadfast Christian prayer and fellowship group has emerged. Here, everyone is welcome to freely share and live out their faith, which once subjected them to persecution. Their testimonies of resilience and unwavering devotion serve as an inspiration to one another and to all who encounter their journey.

In this sacred gathering, hearts are uplifted, burdens are shared, and the love of Christ flows abundantly. Together, they stand as a shining example of God’s redemptive power, demonstrating the transformative nature of faith and the strength found in Christian fellowship. Their unwavering commitment to their beliefs fuels their passion for supporting and encouraging others in their own spiritual walk.

We give thanks to the Lord for His unwavering love and provision for guiding these ten families to a place where they can freely practice their faith and become beacons of hope for others. May their story continue to touch hearts, leading many to embrace the love and salvation found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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