Pray with Israel/Palestine, December 5, 2021

Pray with Israel/Palestine, December 5, 2021

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 3:1-6

Prayers for Israel/Palestine

Lord, help us to be a part of your plan that all flesh shall see your salvation, through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Israel/Palestine

The season of Advent is a time when the Church re-enacts and relives the excitement and drama of God working out the divine plan for the salvation of the world. Year after year, we are re-energized by that. Once again we relive the reality of our own re-creation into the new life in Christ.

Individually, we experience that mystery in different ways. And, sometimes more dramatically than we ourselves would expect or even wish. For me, this happened last Christmas morning when I had a serious stroke. Yet the wonder of it has been in the miracle of recovery, albeit measured but steady. Keeping the goal of returning to fulfill a commitment to complete a covenant of mission service has helped in healing. It has supported the process of

  • anticipation
  • preparation
  • and active waiting

which is what the Church does during Advent.  That has helped me, personally, to participate in God’s call to “prepare the way of the Lord.”

Prayer and Mission Moment by Victor Makari

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