Pray for the Middle East on Sunday July 5, 2009

Pray for the Middle East on Sunday July 5, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for The Middle East:  Mark 6 1-13

Creator God, Source of All Hope and Presence, we sense our diversity as we reach forward from our places of fragmentation toward unity and wholeness to so many displaced from their homes.  We pause and reflect on the more than 4 million persons, Dads, Children and Moms, displaced throughout this region since 2001.  We pray for your steadfast presence for those dealing with the significant loss of the basic human need of a home a place where persons and animals can find refuge and safety and live in security.  We strive for the strength to identify with our brothers and sisters in their places of most critical need as we look for ways to connect and offer assistance in whatever ways possible.  Hear our prayer for international partner agencies and the wisdom of its members as all work together to bear the burdens of all in these distressing circumstances.   With your guidance may all in these areas and circumstances experience understanding that will lead to clearer dialog between all represented faith traditions. 

Creator God, Source of Grace hear our prayer, Amen.

Global Ministries International Contacts in The Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran

Global Ministries Missionary in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran:

None at the present time