Pray with Mexico Sunday, February 2, 2020

Pray with Mexico Sunday, February 2, 2020

mexico_melel_prayer_1.jpgLectionary Selection: Matthew 5:1 – 12

Prayers for Mexico:

God of love, today, in our beautiful and broken world, we pray for softness. In this world where gentle is often synonymous with weak, and where unfeeling is equated with strength, you bless the poor, the meek, and the merciful. Though our society tells us that wealth and power are markers of success, you bless those who strive for righteousness, the pure in heart, and the peacemakers. And so we pray that we too might be soft, tender, and open to your love.

We pray for Mexico, and we pray that we might be good neighbors to our sisters and brothers here – in word, action, and politics. We pray for Melel Xojobal, and that each and every child that comes through this organization feels strong and protected. We pray for the educators that work tirelessly and selflessly to empower and support the children and adolescents of San Cristóbal and the surrounding communities. And we pray that we might really listen to and learn from the children around us, whose voices are tender and too-often silenced.

mexico_melel_prayer_2.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from Mexico:

Though the official job title is “educadora del calle,” or “street educator,” Melel Xojobal prefers to use the term “colaboradora” (collaborator) or “acompañante” (accompanier) to describe what we do. This emphasizes the collaborative nature of our work. We do not teach children, but rather work alongside them in the fight for their right to a safe, happy, and free life. In my first six months working with children in the markets of San Cristóbal, I have certainly learned much more than I’ve taught.

I have learned responsibility and dedication from older sisters and brothers patiently watching their younger siblings, without complaining or losing focus. From a seven-year-old girl with her one-year-old sister strapped to her back, playing carefully so that her sister isn’t jostled. From children who spend all day in school and do their homework while working at their parents’ stall in the market, making change for customers while they finish a math worksheet.

mexico_melel_prayer_3.jpgI have learned tenderness from the fist bumps, hugs, and kisses on the cheek when I arrive and leave the markets. From a three-year-old telling me that he’s happiest when he snuggles in bed with his mom. From the fact that at every single workshop, at least one of the children offers to share their snack with me (though they always warn me if it’ll be too spicy). 

And I’ve learned patience and acceptance as I speak to them in my imperfect Spanish. The children giggle and correct me when I use the wrong verb tense, and constantly teach me new words, without a hint of judgment. With them, I find myself speaking more freely and confidently, sure that they’ll help me when I get stuck. To collaborate with these children – tender, curious, and resilient – is an honor.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Abigail Fate

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