Global Ideas for VBS, Camps, and other Summer Activities with Children and Youth

DSCN2260.JPGGlobal Ministries works in collaboration with global partners to provide food, healthcare, clothing, and in some cases housing, school fees, uniforms, books and training, and livelihood opportunities to many children in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe. Below are five global partners who are providing life-giving ministries for children and youth that you can support as a way to engage and participate in God's global mission. 

All financial gifts for projects are sent in their entirety for the designated purpose to our global partners. No administrative fees are taken from gifts to Global Ministries because of the faithful giving from our churches to Our Church's Wider Mission and the Disciples Mission Fund.

Financial gifts are the most helpful way to assist global partner churches and programs for youth, because financial gifts allow the partners to purchase what they need most, and shipping materials are often costly and problematic for receiving.  However, a few partners are able to accept material shipments. If you are interested in collecting and sending materials to global partners working with children, find out more here

Lesotho (Africa)

  • Building Furniture for Schools: A project to provide new tables and desks for classrooms of Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa schools. 

Philippines (East Asia and the Pacific)

  • Dumaguete Kalauman Center for Development: A community-based program serving children who live with their parents or other close relatives. The program’s activities encourage children to grow as a whole person: mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Chile (Latin America and the Caribbean)

  • Shalom Center and Campground: Through camps and retreats, the Shalom Center seeks to form holistic health in body, mind, spirit and fruitful relationships with God, self, others and nature.

Jordan and Lebanon (Middle East and Europe)

  • Relief for Displaced Syrians: Multiple Global Ministries partners in the Middle East are providing relief materials and providing long-term support for displaced children and families from Syria, including education for children, income-generating projects for women and adults, housing assistance, and more. 

Sri Lanka (Southern Asia)

  • Empowering Children and Youth:  A program of Global Ministries partner, the Church of the American Ceylon Mission to strengthen daycare centers, youth empowerment programs, leadership development, sports activities, meals, and school supplies. 

Child & Elder Sponsorship

These are five examples of priority projects within each geographical area of Global Ministries, additional projects with children can be found here. 

To request materials or for additional information, call the Office of Resource Development at (317) 713-2571 or email

Gifts from Vacation Bible School and Summer Camps should indicate which project or partner they are supporting and made online or sent by check to Global Ministries.






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  • Davis McMajor
    commented 2017-02-10 21:26:42 -0500
    I am so excited to hear from you Global Ministries’ family and Mike’s comments making immediate effective! I would liuke to welcome the whole team to my Elementary School School called Busoga Junior School for say one month or so with such training. The whole village will also be inspired. My NGO as you maybe already aware if called Equality Heals Africa. May Jesus heal Africa this time! In case of any questions, please, feel free to contact me. and Facebook page for School:
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    I am very happy to know that the word of God is being brought to everyone. God bless. Aqui:
  • Davis McMajor
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    Please, may this Ministry come to Uganda too! I serve with Equality Heals Africa
  • Patricia Henifin
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