IMG_1784.JPGIndia is big, crowded, and diverse. It is full of joy, laughter, sadness, and frustration. Immense poverty exists throughout the country and it can be hard to absorb and especially hard to understand. While in New Delhi, we visited with Santosh of the Indian Samaritans program to learn about their efforts to dismantle caste-based discrimination and uphold human dignity. The project called the “enrichment empowerment center,” and strives to educate children about options beyond systematic oppression. Santosh is a local pastor who loves children. He has a heart for God's people.

With Santosh’s guidance, we visited a center called Kerby Place where we met many beautiful children and families. Many people came up to Santosh to say hi and share about their day. Most of those who live in slums are oppressed by caste-based discrimination, so it was a joy to see their smiles. Santosh hopes that through education and empowerment, the minds of the children will be transformed. Santosh pours all he can into the children so that they may believe they can achieve more than child marriage or what their parents experienced.


Before we left, we asked Santosh what we could do to support his efforts, such as sending water. He said that it is helpful to receive the financial support that these children need, but prayers are needed the most. After you read this post, we ask that you take a moment to pray for the children of the Indian Samaritans program, pray for their future, education, and families

It is the hope of the Indian Samaritan that we pray for them, continue to support them as they strive to help change the minds of children, that they grow in believing that they can grow to become more than they hope to achieve. 

For more information on how you can support The Indian Samaritan Program and engage in the work they are doing please click here. 


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