A Teacher and a Farmer

A Teacher and a Farmer


This is James. He is a teacher on the island of Timor. Unfortunately, most teachers don’t receive benefits and a regular paycheck. It can take years before a teacher can receive benefits from the government. James is a middle school teacher and, like many other teachers, is not getting paid regularly. Global Ministries partner, the Evangelical Church of West Timor (GMIT), helps to provide income for teachers when needed.

It was difficult for James to support his wife and children and help his elderly parents. All of his siblings had moved away from home, so he knew the responsibility was his. He knew he had to be a support system for his family. James decided he had to do something about his lack of income. Through the help of his local pastor, he was able to get connected with the Kompastani program (pastors who like to farm) from GMIT. He sought to learn new organic farming techniques so he could resurrect his family’s land and produce fruits and vegetables.

IMG_3743.JPGEssentially, James became a farmer who also teaches. Every day after school, James works the land with his father and mother. He takes what they produce and sells it. This new flow of vital income has completely changed his family. He is able to send his kids to school and pay his household bills. He now provides income and resources for his extended family, which has made him the head of his whole family.

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