Global Ministries projects promoting Peace with Justice

peace_1_.png"They were killing our neighbors.  We had no choice but to flee." 

Ahmed and his family sold every possession they had to buy the first plane tickets out of Iraq when their lives were threatened. Now this family of ten is living in a space provided by the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon. 

Ahmed is just one of the tens of millions displaced people globally seeking a place of safety and peace for their family, uncertain when or if life will return to normal. Behind each number there is an individual with a rich history, a web of relationships, and God-given worth. Nobody wants to be a number.

In cases like Ahmed's, it is not enough for partners to receive refugees without questioning why it is their brothers and sisters have lost their homes and loved ones. Through Global Ministries, we join our voices with those of advocates around the world to promote real solutions to challenges that have affected so many lives.

By working in long-term partnerships, Global Ministries is able to address global challenges in a way that provides both immediate relief and long-term recovery.

Make your gift an alternative gift of Peace with Justice and honor a loved one while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

Current Peace with Justice Projects



East Asia & the Pacific

Moro Women's Center


Latin America & the Caribbean

Shalom Center and Campground


CEDECOL Women's Network


Disciples Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Service Project

National Coordinator of Widows of Guatemala


SIPAZ Women and Peace Project


Middle East & Europe


The Arab Group for Christian Muslim Dialogue


Fabric of our Lives 


Ecumenical Accompaniment Program


Keep Hope Alive! Olive Tree Planting Campaign


Women's Leadership in Non-Violent Peacebuilding


Southern Asia

Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion


Searching for Identity and Citizenship for Ethnic Minorities