The Situation in Haiti

The Situation in Haiti

From the National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH)

CONASPEH salutes the presence of the Lord in our siblings of Global Ministries, who for years have exercised their love and their friendship towards our Churches. Haiti has been going through difficult times for years, but the past four (4) years have been woefully impossible.

Wednesday, July 7, towards one (1) AM, our president was assassinated by an armed commando composed of Colombians, Americans, and Haitians. The president received 12 bullets and his wife was wounded by 4 bullets.

CONASPEH condemns this odious, inhuman, and barbaric act. From then on, Dr. Claude Joseph, the former Prime Minister, has controlled the country. I use the word “former” because the very day of the president’s death, the Prime Minister Ariel Henry should have been installed. He was appointed Prime Minister and was going to create a government of openness, including the vital forces of the nation, to resolve the critical issue of insecurity, and to support the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP, acronym in French) in the implementation of general elections and the referendum (to approve a new Constitution for Haiti).

Now, our current problem is that the former Prime Minister continues to lead the country instead of the Prime Minister appointed by President Jovenel on July 2, a week before his death. This pushes the people to demand justice.

The worries of the people are many because of bad living conditions, insecurity, bad social conditions, health problems, and the little respect of the constitution – “the mother law of the country.” This called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise because nothing was working in this country. However, he did not deserve this cruel murder.

This barbaric act is not the work of the Haitian people, but rather a plot mounted from scratch with the help of intelligent people.

We do not know what to think of the current situation. Things are mixed up. The Colombian government presents its investigation to us by exonerating the team which was in charge of the execution of the president (of which three (3) were killed, eighteen (18 ) arrested and seven (7) others on the run) saying the team was working for the government.

The Colombian government continues its investigation and promises to shed light on the real culprits of the president’s death.

What bothers us at CONASPEH is the fact that a pastor has been arrested and is accused of being one of the highest actors of the president’s assassination. We know that the president was a victim of the pastor’s group, which worked in complicity with the oligarchy (the bourgeoisie) of the country, and political groups from the outside, which explains the presence of the Colombians and the Americans.

CONASPEH remains in prayer, and hopes that the country will know justice, because justice raises a nation, and the one who practices justice is blessed. It is true, the problems are multiple, but in this we need the transfer of government to Prime Minister Henry, because the situation in which the Haitian people live is inhumane. There is so much to be done for the recovery of this country. Half the country is dealing with armed gangs. If nothing is done in the days to come, to achieve this justice for which we advocate, the days will be somber in this country.