National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH)

Conseil National Spirituel Des Eglises D’haiti

The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) was established in 1986.  Their vision is to “eliminate the racial, state and religious exclusion of which member churches have been victims and to promote religious, economic, social, moral and intellectual development in the country.”  Their goal is to “stand in solidarity with their churches, theologically, structurally, intellectually, and financially.  They look to “consolidate the task and vision of their churches nationally.”  They also seek to “defend the rights of their churches.”  They look forward to “establishing and maintaining relationships with sister churches and organizations and representing the church nationally in front of the Haitian state.”  Their symbol is the upside down tree where the fruit is accessible to everyone and the roots reach for God. 

CONASPEH covers many areas of support in Haiti, and Global Ministries supports many projects for CONASPEH.  CONASPEH has many focus areas, including pastoral/church support, education, advocacy, health care, and more. As part of their focus on education, CONASPEH has a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, technical school, nursing school, university, and theological school on their main campus in Port-au-Prince.

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