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The Tibetan Children’s Village came into existence on May 17, 1960 when fifty-one children arrived to India from Tibet, ill and malnourished, from the road construction camps in Jammu. Mrs. Tsering Dolma Takla, the elder sister of the Dalai Lama, volunteered to look after them. The government of India offered its assistance, renting Conium House to accommodate all the children together. The center’s first name was the "Nursery for Tibetan Refugee Children." Originally, the Nursery for Tibetan Refugee Children provided only basic care for children until the age of eight. When they reached the age of eight, the children were sent to other residential schools established by the government of India. But eventually this arrangement could not be continued as all the residential schools filled to capacity, and could not accept new students at age eight. It was then decided that the Nursery had to grow and expand to provide for more houses and also classrooms for children. The Nursery slowly took the shape of a small village with its own school and homes, which became the Tibetan Children’s Village in 1971.


The Tibetan Children’s Village continues operations today.  It has expanded and currently operates centers in Upper Dharamshala, Lower Dharamshala, Bylakuppe, Gopalpur, Chauntra, Suja, Ladakh, and Selakui.  The Village also operates Youth Hostels in Delhi and Bengaluru.  From its humble beginnings 54 years ago, Tibetan Children's Village has become a thriving, integrated educational community for Tibetan children in India.  Currently, the Tibetan Children’s Village serves over 16,700 children, and is a Global Ministries Child Sponsorship partners.  Global Ministries joins other institutions in support of the Tibetan Children’s Village through special gifts and sponsorships.

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