Global Ministries projects supporting Education

education_1_.pngIn the Dominican Republic, homework is a rare privilege. When tourists in Boca Chica stopped leaving the walled compounds of their all-inclusive resorts, the local economy that had sprung up around the hotels crumbled. Families that invested all that they had into their business suddenly found themselves without customers. Then the hurricanes came and the price of food climbed even higher and children were taken out of the classroom to try and earn a living.

That is when local groups such as Caminante, a Global Ministries partner, stepped in to demand a better future for these children. With a holistic approach that includes homework help, counseling, and advocating for the rights of children in the Dominican Republic, they created a safe environment where children can thrive once again.

For many families a choice has to be made between sending their child to school or sending their child to work. Unfortunately, this decision is not made by the parents, but by their circumstances – often poverty robs parents of the opportunity to give their child a better future.

Global Ministries works with partners to provide practical, affordable education that restores many of the opportunities that poverty has taken away.

Make your gift an alternative gift of Education and honor a loved one while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world.


Current Education Projects


Schools for Angolan Young Women Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola
Education of Girls in the Equator Region Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo
Mary Sue and Virgil Havens (Mamotso and Wasa) Memorial Endowment Fund Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo
Educational Support for Girls Christian Council of Ghana
Ons Plek Ons Plek (South Africa)
Bridgman Development Center United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
Crosby Scholarship Fund for Theological Education United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe

East Asia & the Pacific

Theological Education in China China Christian Council
Apayao Community Learning Center United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Union Christian College Nursing School Scholarship United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Cirilo DelCarmen Pastoral & Spiritual Care Lecture Series Endowment Fund United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Dumaguete Kalauman Development Center Dumaguete Kalauman Development Center
Dr. Luth Mendiola Tenorio Doctoral Study and Professional Enhancement Fund at Silliman University College of Nursing Endowment Siliman University

Latin America & the Caribbean

ISEDET Endowment Fund ISEDET (Argentina)
Lee and Jacquelin Brummel ISEDET Education Fund ISEDET (Argentina)
Latin American Biblical University UBL (Costa Rica)
Mantanzas Seminary Cuban Council of Evangelical Churches
Proyecto Caminante Caminante (Dominican Republic)
Bridges of Hope Professional Center CONASPEH (Haiti)
House of Hope Ecumenical Council for Peace and Justice (Haiti)
Institute for Intercultural Studies and Research - Bishop Ruiz Memorial Project INESIN (Mexico)

Middle East & Europe

Roma Ministry Reformed Church in Hungary
School and Youth Center for Syrian Refugees in Jordan The Orthodox Initiative
Education at Rawdat el-Zuhur Rawdat el-Zuhur (Palestine)
Haigazian University Haigazian University (Lebanon)
Near East School of Theology NEST (Lebanon)

Southern Asia

Support of Lisadila School Protestant Churches of East Timor
Center for Research, Education, Action, Training and Evaluation CREATE (India)
Empowering Youth with Industrial Skills Training Unemployed Young People's Association (India)
King's Matriculation School Family Village Farm (India)
Rural Theological Training Center Karnataka Christian Educational Society
Scholarships for Children of Pastors in West Timor Evangelical Protestant Church of Timor (Indonesia)
Tjaard and Anne Hommes Scholarship Endowment Fund Christian University Duta Wacana (Indonesia)
After School Program in Laos After School Program
McGilvary Faculty of Theology United Church of Christ in Thailand
McNeely-Shaw Scholarship Fund for Theological Education in Thailand United Church of Christ in Thailand
Lady Doak College Endowment Fund Lady Doak College