Global Ministries projects promoting health

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Ahealth_1_.pngn illness is one of the greatest threats to families with limited wages. Whether it is a devastating diagnosis of cancer or something as common as a broken bone or infected scrape, medical problems are a misfortune that few families in developing countries can afford.

Sickness not only means costly medications and doctor's bills, but also means a loss of wages. This can cause the failure of a small family business, an inability to harvest crops, or the necessity of taking a child out of school.

Through the work of local doctors and nurses, hospitals and clinics started by the predecessors of Global Ministries have treated tens of millions of patients, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

This profound legacy, spanning over a century in many places, would not be possible without the thousands of nurses and doctors who were trained through the medical education programs of international partners.

Through scholarships, the procurement of medical equipment, and the sending of medical doctors, Global Ministries affirms this valuable vocation so that communities that have been ignored by the more formal health systems may receive healing.

Current Health Projects

Al-Ahli Hospital of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Jerusalem
Amity Foundation China
Association of Community Health Educators Rio de Janeiro
EPES - Popular Education in Health Foundation Chile
Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (IECA) Priority Projects Angola
Evangelical Hospital - Khariar India
Evangelical Hospital - Tilda Hospital and Nursing School India
Friendship Mission Paraguay
Health Priority for the Disciples of Christ in Congo (CDCC) Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)
Health Priority for the United Church of Zambia Zambia
Mission Co-Worker Appointments of Larry and Debbie Colvin Ghana
Mt. Selinda Hospital of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Roots in the Ruin Mexico
Relief for Displaced Syrians Syria and Lebanon
Snehakunja Children's Home of the Church of North India India