Pray with Korea, October 16, 2022

Pray with Korea, October 16, 2022

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 18:1-8

Prayers for Korea

God of courage and justice,

Be with us in this world of much pain and fear as we strive to find faith. And as we find faith, may we be filled with compassion and love. 

We pray that you lead Durebang to become a center essential to God’s plan. Guide the programs and activities of Durebang counseling center, Durebang shelter, Pyeongtaek Women’s Human Rights Center “Pum,” and Pyeongtaek Asia Durebang. 

We pray for continuous blessings of financial support. 

We pray for a just ruling on the still pending Supreme Court lawsuits, the “U.S. Military Camptown Comfort Women National Compensation Suit” and the “Act to Investigate the Issue of U.S. Military Comfort Women and to Support Victims.” 

We pray for the health and safety of the elderly Korean women and migrant women clients so that they all may live happy and healthy lives. 

Lastly, we pray for the health and guidance of all Durebang staff so that they may continue to work with care and compassion.

For as God loves us, let us be persistent in finding faith. Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Korea

From the outside, the Durebang central office building doesn’t look like much. It is a white, one-story old building along a road that is always filled with parked cars and leads to a small village at the base of Suraksan Mountain. For those who visit Durebang and the village for the first time, one of the first things they will notice is the large brick wall across from the office that runs along the outer edge of the village, bordering the outline of Camp Stanley, a former U.S. Army military camp. The village in which the Durebang central office was once a lively military camp town with restaurants, stores, bars, and clubs operating and growing for the soldiers of Camp Stanley. The building where the Durebang office now resides was once the public health center where the women working in the military camp town sex industry were forced to undergo weekly health inspections for venereal diseases under the cover of “cleanup” campaigns for the sexual health of soldiers. For many of the elderly Korean women clients who used to work next to Camp Stanley, the Durebang office building holds deeply painful and traumatizing memories. However, as Durebang has continued to work to provide support to both Korean and migrant women clients who have been forced or deceived into working in the military camp town sex industry, the building has grown to symbolize safety, stability, and hope. 

For many of Durebang’s clients, Durebang and its staff are a lifeline. Durebang is there for the women who are afraid and need help to leave a difficult situation at home or work, for the women marginalized from society and family and living alone, and for the women who need medical and legal assistance and psychological care. In a constantly advancing and changing society where many victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking are left behind on the sidelines, Durebang is there to pick them up with compassion and care. Even when working with limited financial resources, Durebang and its staff diligently work to find other means of support and assistance within the confines of their resources. 

It may not seem like much for anyone passing the central office building. Many may also question what and why the building is there. But, when knowing the history of the village and building, the significance and the impact Durebang has becomes profound. Durebang is a community that builds courage and hope in knowing there is a place and people for support and safety.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Lydia Yang

Prayer and Mission Moment by Lydia Yang

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