Pray with Lesotho, April 7, 2024

Pray with Lesotho, April 7, 2024

Lectionary Selection: John 20:19-31

Prayers for Lesotho

Almighty Father, we humbly approach you, burdened for Lesotho as it marks its 200th anniversary. In the halls of parliament, where destinies are shaped, we implore your transformative touch. Guide leaders with a selfless dedication to the well-being of the Basotho people, fostering stability, eradicating poverty, and envisioning a Lesotho free from conflict. Specifically, we lift up parliamentarians, asking you to soften their hearts and open their eyes to the nation’s pressing needs. May they transcend personal interests and tirelessly work for a Lesotho where every citizen can thrive. As we celebrate this milestone, we seek your divine intervention for everlasting peace to descend upon Lesotho. Let unity prevail, bridging political and socioeconomic gaps. Grant leaders the wisdom to navigate challenges, contributing to a stable government that stands as a beacon of hope. In the midst of festivities, let gratitude for Basotho heritage unify hearts. May this anniversary not just mark time but renew commitment to enduring principles. We entrust Lesotho into your loving hands, dear Lord, praying for a future where prosperity, justice, and peace reign. Amen. Quoting John 20:19-30, we find solace in the words that reassure us of your presence, bringing peace to troubled hearts. Amen.

Please Pray for

  • Lesotho to restore justice and peace.
  • Lesotho Parliamentarians to strengthen rule of law institutions to take serious action about the perpetration of unlawful acts.
  • The economy of Lesotho to improve, and those in leadership to distribute the limited resources equally to address the needs of the people.
  • The government of Lesotho to take strong action against perpetrators of brutal killings and those who steal in order to restore justice and peace.
  • Good governance for the Lesotho government.
  • Pray for enduring peace and justice since independence in 1965, as the nation faces persistent challenges.
  • Seek divine intervention for widespread employment opportunities and economic benefit beyond the elite.
  • Prayers for equitable distribution of limited resources to benefit the entire population, not just a privileged few.
  • Request divine assistance in addressing limited rural infrastructure, particularly in the rural and mountainous regions.
  • Seek prayers for resilience against the impact of climate change on agriculture, which is vital for sustaining livelihoods.

Mission Moment from Lesotho  


Lesotho has been hit hard by climate change. The country is experiencing extreme weather conditions (heavy rains, hailstorms, and excessive drought). These weather patterns have seriously affected the production of crops and vegetables. In the last two years, the situation has worsened. The yield has declined, so the country is in a food crisis. This situation negatively impacts the rural poor communities.

In response to this challenge, the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) advocates for conservation agriculture or “Farming God’s Way,” which practices minimum tillage, use of mulch, covering crops, and mixed cropping.

LECSA trained thirteen (13) Pastors from nine (9) presbyteries to train others in conservation agriculture. Those who practice it widely benefit because the yield from their fields is increasing despite the extreme weather. The church is encouraging other parishes and rural communities to join in and fight against the food crisis.


Lesotho is experiencing more unlawful acts, such as brutal killings, livestock theft, and cybercrime. Every day, local media houses (newspapers and radio stations) report on the brutal killings of people (men, women, and children), livestock theft, and cybercrime. Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) issues quarterly statements against unlawful acts, but there is no change. Courts of Law and Law reinforcement Institutions seem to be slowly addressing these atrocities, which negatively impact human rights.

As a response, LECSA organizes an annual Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace to sensitize people about the importance of justice and peace in a country. The Pilgrimage starts from Modderport in the Republic of South Africa and ends in Morija, Headquarters of LECSA. Pilgrimage participants are congregants from twelve Presbyteries of LECSA and various Churches in and outside Lesotho.

The Pilgrimage runs for five days. During these five days, the pilgrims pray to eradicate all issues affecting justice and peace in Lesotho. People are empowered to participate effectively in socio-economic developments if human rights are observed.

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