Pray with the Dominican Republic, Sunday, June 14, 2020

Pray with the Dominican Republic, Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lectionary Selection:  Genesis 18:1-15

Prayers for the Dominican Republic:  

Dear Heavenly Parent,

In this time of fear and uncertainty, please hear our prayers. In this time of the pandemic, where we feel separated both physically and emotionally, let us handle your presence. Remind us also of the importance of loving and caring for our neighbors. In times of social distancing, enlighten us with new ways to pull our neighbors in and break with them our finest bread. Teach us new ways to wash our neighbors’ feet when we are focused on washing our own hands. 


Most of all, Lord, we pray for strength. Give us the power to live in your plans for us. When we laugh in the face of dreams, teach us to see ourselves in the manner in which you see us. Remind us that we are created in your image, and there is no task too big for us to accomplish with Your divine counsel. As we long for a return to normalcy, allow us to envision a new normal that better cares Your kingdom on Earth and all of your children who inhabit it.

Be with us in all we do in Your Heavenly name,


dominican_republic_kaitlin_thompson_02.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from the Dominican Republic:

Though the lockdown in the Dominican Republic still continues this week, our partner Caminante has never been busier. The “Niños en la situación de la calle” program continues to provide boys in the community with lunch every day. Previously, the boys gathered in the Boca Chica office to share a meal donated by a local resort. Now they gather in the local trade school “La Casona” to share a meal cooked by Caminante employees.The boys eat their lunch in the yard in order to ensure proper social distancing and safety for everyone involved. Our “Niñas Primeras” program continues to meet virtually via Whatsapp to continue working on educational curriculum related to Human Rights as well as themes of empowerment and healthy relationships. WhatsApp_Image_2020-05-21_at_2.06.40_PM.jpegThe girls recently worked together to create a video to send to their mothers in honor of Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic (celebrated May 31). Each girl filmed a portion of the video individually since they were unable to gather to record in person. The Caminante team continues their weekly meetings via Zoom and are looking forward to a time soon when they will be able to gather in person again. Until then, Caminante continues to find new and innovative ways to cater to the needs of their community in Boca Chica.  

Prayer and Mission Moment by Kaitlin Thompson

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