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IMG_0377.JPGThe Shalom Center is a non-profit Foundation of the Pentecostal Church of Chile (IPC), a long-standing Global Ministries partner. Its lodge, cabins and restrooms are located among Chilean mountains, forests and waters in the rural 7th region of Chile, about 90 minutes from the city of Talca.  The beautiful setting near a national nature reserve, with native Chilean trees and animals, provides an environment conducive to the Shalom’s mission to create a safe space through learning for transformation to facilitate peace education, environmental education and spiritual development in an integral way, and so strengthen the dignity and resilience of individuals and communities within the Pentecostal Church of Chile and society at the national and international levels. 

The Shalom Center has identified five institutional values that are central to its work and activities. These values are:

  • Faith for the Shalom Center is to believe in God, in the best in people, and in restorative processes.
  • Dignity for the Shalom Center is the inherent value of each person as God's creation.
  • Safe space at the Shalom Center is the commitment to create, respect and care for the community covenant.
  • Creativity at the Shalom Center is the expression of the breath of God in individuals and groups.
  • Transformation in the Shalom Center is the invitation to healing and holistic development in people, groups and systems.

The Shalom Center is an important space of reconciliation, after decades of repression, poverty, injustice and disasters.  It provides educational and transformational opportunities for individuals and groups through retreats, trauma-healing, leadership courses, camps, marriage retreats, conflict resolution training, and environmental educational activities. Throughout each encounter with staff and participants, the Shalom Center continues to generate opportunities to form holistic health in body, mind, spirit and fruitful relationships with God, self, others and nature.

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